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Banners 4m x 1.5m Printing

Banners 4m x 1.5m Printing

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✅ offer trade printing banners in a variety of sizes to meet your printing needs. Order our cheap trade printed 4m x 1.5m Banner on 440 gsm today.
Product: Banners
Material: 440 Gsm
Banners: Banners 4m x 1.5m
Price: from £137

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Cheap Banners 4m x 1.5m Printing

The trade printing banner is one of the most recognisable items of the traditional marketing products range. You’ll see them everywhere hanging outside shop fronts, at country fairs and music festivals, hung from bridges, attached to fences… they’re a cost-effective way to make a big impact to a targeted local audience without the big budgets required for things like billboard advertising.

You’ll find you never run out of ways to use your trade printing 4 x 1.5m banners, from temporary signage, promoting in store events and sales, celebrating corporate milestones, directing visitors at arrival or simply catching the attention of local footfall and vehicle traffic.

Our banners make the ideal branded backdrops to market stalls or as covers for the leg area of display tables. Charity and community events can benefit too, from a branded banner to work as concert and photo call back drops for speakers, ceremonies or shows.

The handy size makes them easier to transport and setup/take down compared to larger banner options. They can even be managed by just one person if you don’t have a team to help. They are an investment piece that you will see benefit from time and again, with every use. You might want to invest in seasonal trade printed banners that you can use at specific times of year, year after year.

Our 4 x 1.5m trade printed banners are durable and long-lasting; printed on high quality 440 gsm material in a flat finish. We’ve calculated a cost-per-banner price that is competitive and extremely good value for such a high quality item.

Here at we provide free delivery to customers from a factory of dedicated specialist staff operating 24 hours a day. White label delivery for trade printing and commercial projects is also available.