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Cutting Formes

Interlocking Forme No.1

Fin size: 220x307 mm
Flat size: 520x418 mm

Interlocking Forme No.2

Fin size: 220x303 mm
Flat size: 532.5x401 mm

Interlocking Forme No.3

Fin size: 215x330 mm
Flat size: 510x424 mm

Interlocking Forme No.4

Fin size: 220x305 mm
Flat size: 515x408 mm

Interlocking Forme No 4A

Fin size: 220x305 mm
Flat size: 515x408 mm

Interlocking Forme No 4B

Fin size: 220x305 mm
Flat size: 527x411 mm

Interlocking Forme No.5

Fin size: 214x308 mm
Flat size: 513x388 mm

Interlocking Forme No.6

Fin size: 220x310 mm
Flat size: 522x418 mm

Interlocking Forme No.7

Fin size: 222x303 mm
Flat size: 546x406 mm

Interlocking Forme No.8

Fin size: 222x315 mm
Flat size: 540x382 mm

Interlocking Forme No.9

Fin size: 214x303 mm
Flat size: 483x390 mm

Interlocking Forme No.10

Fin size: 220x307 mm
Flat size: 522x405 mm

Interlocking Forme No.11

Fin size: 158x220 mm
Flat size: 360x300 mm

Interlocking Forme No.12

Fin size: 220x310 mm
Flat size: 660x386 mm

Interlocking Forme No.13

Fin size: 220x315 mm
Flat size: 535x410 mm

Interlocking Forme No.14

Fin size: 109x220 mm
Flat size: 290x305 mm

Interlocking Forme No.15

Fin size: 166.5x231 mm
Flat size: 390x309 mm

Interlocking Forme No.16

Fin size: 215x305 mm
Flat size: 500x405 mm

Interlocking Forme No.17

Fin size: 222x308 mm
Flat size: 520x427 mm

Interlocking Forme No.18

Fin size: 70x105 mm
Flat size: 189x105 mm

Interlocking Forme No.19

Fin size: 216x305 mm
Flat size: 512x420 mm

Interlocking Forme No.20

Fin size: 215x313 mm
Flat size: 503x391 mm

Interlocking Forme No.21

Fin size: 155x218 mm
Flat size: 390x292 mm

Interlocking Forme No.22

Fin size: 215x309 mm
Flat size: 630x384 mm

Interlocking Forme No.23

Fin size: 216x303 mm
Flat size: 507x373 mm

Interlocking Forme No.24

Fin size: 216x312 mm
Flat size: 507x380 mm

Interlocking Forme No.25

Fin size: 215x300 mm
Flat size: 430x330 mm

Interlocking Forme no 26 (117735)

Fin size: 305x215 mm
Flat size: 520x390 mm

Interlocking Forme No.28

Fin size: 155x218 mm
Flat size: 400x297 mm

Interlocking forme no 29 (112047)

Fin size: 216x303 mm
Flat size: 507x378 mm

Interlocking forme no 30 (88838)

Fin size: 300x220 mm
Flat size: 518x370 mm

Interlocking forme no 31 (101333)

Fin size: 311x220 mm
Flat size: 517x392 mm

Interlocking forme no 32 (93693)

Fin size: 305x220 mm
Flat size: 518.5x379 mm

Interlocking forme no 33 (101131)

Fin size: 217x156.5 mm
Flat size: 367x291 mm

Interlocking forme no 34 (94599)

Fin size: 303x218 mm
Flat size: 491x383 mm
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# Name Finish size, mm Flat size, mm Actions
1 Interlocking Forme No.1 220x307 520x418 Show Download
2 Interlocking Forme No.2 220x303 532.5x401 Show Download
3 Interlocking Forme No.3 215x330 510x424 Show Download
4 Interlocking Forme No.4 220x305 515x408 Show Download
5 Interlocking Forme No 4A 220x305 515x408 Show Download
6 Interlocking Forme No 4B 220x305 527x411 Show Download
7 Interlocking Forme No.5 214x308 513x388 Show Download
8 Interlocking Forme No.6 220x310 522x418 Show Download
9 Interlocking Forme No.7 222x303 546x406 Show Download
10 Interlocking Forme No.8 222x315 540x382 Show Download
11 Interlocking Forme No.9 214x303 483x390 Show Download
12 Interlocking Forme No.10 220x307 522x405 Show Download
13 Interlocking Forme No.11 158x220 360x300 Show Download
14 Interlocking Forme No.12 220x310 660x386 Show Download
15 Interlocking Forme No.13 220x315 535x410 Show Download
16 Interlocking Forme No.14 109x220 290x305 Show Download
17 Interlocking Forme No.15 166.5x231 390x309 Show Download
18 Interlocking Forme No.16 215x305 500x405 Show Download
19 Interlocking Forme No.17 222x308 520x427 Show Download
20 Interlocking Forme No.18 70x105 189x105 Show Download
21 Interlocking Forme No.19 216x305 512x420 Show Download
22 Interlocking Forme No.20 215x313 503x391 Show Download
23 Interlocking Forme No.21 155x218 390x292 Show Download
24 Interlocking Forme No.22 215x309 630x384 Show Download
25 Interlocking Forme No.23 216x303 507x373 Show Download
26 Interlocking Forme No.24 216x312 507x380 Show Download
27 Interlocking Forme No.25 215x300 430x330 Show Download
28 Interlocking Forme no 26 (117735) 305x215 520x390 Show Download
29 Interlocking Forme No.28 155x218 400x297 Show Download
30 Interlocking forme no 29 (112047) 216x303 507x378 Show Download
31 Interlocking forme no 30 (88838) 300x220 518x370 Show Download
32 Interlocking forme no 31 (101333) 311x220 517x392 Show Download
33 Interlocking forme no 32 (93693) 305x220 518.5x379 Show Download
34 Interlocking forme no 33 (101131) 217x156.5 367x291 Show Download
35 Interlocking forme no 34 (94599) 303x218 491x383 Show Download

Glue Forme No.1

Fin size: 218x320 mm
Flat size: 454.5x458 mm

Glue Forme No.2

Fin size: 210x297 mm
Flat size: 646x473 mm

Glue Forme No.3

Fin size: 218x305 mm
Flat size: 452x422 mm

Glue Forme No.4

Fin size: 215x320 mm
Flat size: 460x459 mm

Glue Forme No.5

Fin size: 110x220 mm
Flat size: 245x296 mm

Glue Forme No.6

Fin size: 218x305 mm
Flat size: 451x407 mm

Glue Forme No.7

Fin size: 155x221 mm
Flat size: 460x246 mm

Glue Forme No.8

Fin size: 215x304 mm
Flat size: 458x408 mm

Glue Forme No.9

Fin size: 320x220 mm
Flat size: 644x264 mm

Glue Forme No.10

Fin size: 220x306 mm
Flat size: 665x330 mm

Glue Forme No.11

Fin size: 215x305 mm
Flat size: 469x382 mm

Glue Forme No.12

Fin size: 226x302 mm
Flat size: 472x402 mm

Glue Forme No.13

Fin size: 222x305 mm
Flat size: 469x390 mm

Glue Forme No.14

Fin size: 222x304 mm
Flat size: 473x458 mm

Glue Forme No.15

Fin size: 127x127 mm
Flat size: 325x173 mm

Glue Forme No. 16

Fin size: 153x215 mm
Flat size: 331x312 mm

Glue Forme No.17

Fin size: 139x124 mm
Flat size: 284x267.5 mm

Glue Forme No.18

Fin size: 215x305 mm
Flat size: 455x455 mm

Glue Forme No.19

Fin size: 154x219 mm
Flat size: 336x274 mm

Glue Forme No.20

Fin size: 215x302 mm
Flat size: 447x382 mm

Glue Forme No.21

Fin size: 215x305 mm
Flat size: 508x423 mm

Glue Forme No.22

Fin size: 215x304 mm
Flat size: 596x333 mm

Glue Forme No.23

Fin size: 215x305 mm
Flat size: 490x410 mm

Glue Forme No.24

Fin size: 215x305 mm
Flat size: 512x435 mm

Glue forme no 25 (109308)

Fin size: 215x153 mm
Flat size: 312x307 mm

Glue forme no 26 (98372)

Fin size: 304x215 mm
Flat size: 468x526 mm

Glue forme no 27 (116089)

Fin size: 307x225 mm
Flat size: 480x405 mm

Glue forme no 28 (113965)

Fin size: 320x219.5 mm
Flat size: 528x363.5 mm

Glue Forme No.29

Fin size: 303x221 mm
Flat size: 480.5x456 mm

Glue forme no 30 (112602)

Fin size: 305x220 mm
Flat size: 455x420 mm

Glue forme no 31 (111835)

Fin size: 307x215 mm
Flat size: 491x405 mm

Glue forme no 32 (84304)

Fin size: 220x158 mm
Flat size: 363x318 mm

Glue forme no 33 (107235)

Fin size: 215x152 mm
Flat size: 462x275 mm

Glue forme no 34 (107050)

Fin size: 305x247.5 mm
Flat size: 541x422 mm

Glue forme no 35 (101980)

Fin size: 312x220 mm
Flat size: 654x322 mm

Glue forme no 36 (101159)

Fin size: 305x217 mm
Flat size: 562x335 mm

Glue forme no 37 (100715)

Fin size: 300x212.5 mm
Flat size: 518x330 mm

Glue forme no 38 (99970)

Fin size: 310x220 mm
Flat size: 590x380 mm

Glue forme no 39 (99673)

Fin size: 310x213 mm
Flat size: 509.5x347 mm

Glue forme no 40 (87412)

Fin size: 306x220 mm
Flat size: 652x322 mm

Glue forme no 41 (88355)

Fin size: 302x215 mm
Flat size: 633x336 mm

Glue forme no 42 (106033)

Fin size: 215x305 mm
Flat size: 455x520 mm
file_download Download 0 forms file_download Download all forms
# Name Finish size, mm Flat size, mm Actions
1 Glue Forme No.1 218x320 454.5x458 Show Download
2 Glue Forme No.2 210x297 646x473 Show Download
3 Glue Forme No.3 218x305 452x422 Show Download
4 Glue Forme No.4 215x320 460x459 Show Download
5 Glue Forme No.5 110x220 245x296 Show Download
6 Glue Forme No.6 218x305 451x407 Show Download
7 Glue Forme No.7 155x221 460x246 Show Download
8 Glue Forme No.8 215x304 458x408 Show Download
9 Glue Forme No.9 320x220 644x264 Show Download
10 Glue Forme No.10 220x306 665x330 Show Download
11 Glue Forme No.11 215x305 469x382 Show Download
12 Glue Forme No.12 226x302 472x402 Show Download
13 Glue Forme No.13 222x305 469x390 Show Download
14 Glue Forme No.14 222x304 473x458 Show Download
15 Glue Forme No.15 127x127 325x173 Show Download
16 Glue Forme No. 16 153x215 331x312 Show Download
17 Glue Forme No.17 139x124 284x267.5 Show Download
18 Glue Forme No.18 215x305 455x455 Show Download
19 Glue Forme No.19 154x219 336x274 Show Download
20 Glue Forme No.20 215x302 447x382 Show Download
21 Glue Forme No.21 215x305 508x423 Show Download
22 Glue Forme No.22 215x304 596x333 Show Download
23 Glue Forme No.23 215x305 490x410 Show Download
24 Glue Forme No.24 215x305 512x435 Show Download
25 Glue forme no 25 (109308) 215x153 312x307 Show Download
26 Glue forme no 26 (98372) 304x215 468x526 Show Download
27 Glue forme no 27 (116089) 307x225 480x405 Show Download
28 Glue forme no 28 (113965) 320x219.5 528x363.5 Show Download
29 Glue Forme No.29 303x221 480.5x456 Show Download
30 Glue forme no 30 (112602) 305x220 455x420 Show Download
31 Glue forme no 31 (111835) 307x215 491x405 Show Download
32 Glue forme no 32 (84304) 220x158 363x318 Show Download
33 Glue forme no 33 (107235) 215x152 462x275 Show Download
34 Glue forme no 34 (107050) 305x247.5 541x422 Show Download
35 Glue forme no 35 (101980) 312x220 654x322 Show Download
36 Glue forme no 36 (101159) 305x217 562x335 Show Download
37 Glue forme no 37 (100715) 300x212.5 518x330 Show Download
38 Glue forme no 38 (99970) 310x220 590x380 Show Download
39 Glue forme no 39 (99673) 310x213 509.5x347 Show Download
40 Glue forme no 40 (87412) 306x220 652x322 Show Download
41 Glue forme no 41 (88355) 302x215 633x336 Show Download
42 Glue forme no 42 (106033) 215x305 455x520 Show Download