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198x210 Leaflets (Folded) Printing

198x210 Leaflets (Folded) Printing

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✅ 198x210 - Printed full-colour on a quality triple coated gloss or silk paper. We provide 210x198 Leaflets in different paper types.
Product: Leaflets (Folded)
Material: -170 Gloss, Silk
Leaflets (Folded): 198x210 Leaflets (Folded)
Price: from £49

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If you intend ordering a job that requires folding, please check the example provided to ensure your artwork supplied is correct.


Cheap 198x210 Leaflets (Folded) Printing

If you’re looking for a modern twist on a traditional favourite, look no further than our trade printing 198 x 210 leaflets.

Leaflets in general remain a high-impact, low-cost way to get your messages out to your target audience quickly. Easy to deliver, easy to receive, easy to keep, they are efficient and effective.

Running smaller than their traditional counterparts, 198 x 210 leaflets are lightweight and high quality. Their compact size makes it easy to store them in bags and pockets for future reference. And people will want to take and keep them, because their quirky size coupled with your designs will intrigue them.

198 x 210 leaflets can also be easily posted to homes via direct mail marketing or left at key locations to encourage passing footfall to collect.

You will make a great first impression with 198 x 210 leaflets with their quality finish. It will show off the best of your branding, as well as any content and wording that you want to communicate to the masses.

Trade printing 198 x 210 leaflets work perfectly for retro branding, event marketing, quirky designs across all industries and high-end destinations alike.

Here at our quality flat finish trade printed 198 x 210 leaflets come in a variety of material options to best suit your brand and budget, from 130 gloss to 400 Silk MLam.

Our team have also created a multitude of bulk buying options of between 250 and larger runs of 100,000, bringing you the best savings for your budgets alongside the best quality service and products.

We provide free delivery to our customers from a factory of dedicated specialist staff operating 24 hours a day. White label delivery for trade printing and commercial projects is also available.