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Desk Pad Printing

Cheap Desk Pad Printing

When it comes to marketing your business, many of the best products bridge that gap between simply shouting your message, and managing to be useful to the recipient too. When something is useful it creates that positivity towards your brand. Desk pads provide a solution to one of the most frustrating scenarios in the office; scrabbling around for a piece of paper to take an important note!

Trade printing desk pads are a prime example of the type of marketing product that not only brings that utility and positivity, but that has longevity, too. Sitting on desks for sporadic note-taking and creative doodling, branded desk pads will ensure your name is there literally “under their nose” when they’re brainstorming the problem for which your business is their solution.

Unlike business cards that may be misplaced, or calendars which don’t get used, trade printing desktop pads are continually touted as stationary that does get used time and again in offices and work sites. Often they double up as a calendar for quick day and date calculations, as well as note and phone message taking, and the A3 format rests neatly beside most keyboards on standard desk sizes.

Our printed desk pads come with 50 sheets per pad for multiple uses. The flat finish on 120 laser material ensures your brand is seen on a quality printed product and there are plenty of choices available to meet your needs - and your budget.

Here at we provide free delivery to customers from a factory of dedicated specialist staff operating 24 hours a day. White label delivery for trade printing and commercial projects is also available.